My first Ultra Chrome flakies by PolishAlcoholic: Baby Boom Galaxy and Fireworks Galaxy

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When the first pictures of the ILNP ultrachrome flakies showed up, I immediately knew I needed ultra chrome flakies in my life as I had never seen anything like it in my life. Soon after I noticed more indies making their own incredible versions with these flakies and I fell in love with the flakies by PolishAlcoholic and I was surprised to find out she is a Dutchie, like me! Yay for Dutch Indie brands!!!
I ordered two of her flakies on Sunday and received them on Tuesday and did a quick swatch immediately with both of them (over a nude polish) because I just couldn't wait ty try them out!

Bring on the Ooohhh's and Aaahhh's ladies, because this is some serious nailporn!
The green is Baby Boom Galaxy and the purple is Fireworks Galaxy and they are magical. Feast you eyes on this!

My favorite is by FAR Baby Boom Galaxy, because the flakies reflect a rainbow of colors and the dominant color is green, which I love.
But just look at that bottle I'm holding, that is Fireworks Galaxy, pretty amazing too, right?
I might have a small problem now, because two ultra chrome flakies are not enough to satisfy my newest addiction. Buy all the ultra chrome flakies!!!!!!!

Thank you Sabrina from PolishAlcoholic for making these insanely pretty polishes, check out her Etsy store here, she ships worldwide.

I will soon post more swatches of these flakies as I'm interested how they look over different colors.

Thank you so much for watching!
Have a great day!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

Purple manicure with Golden Rose, Nicole by OPI and China Glaze

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This was not the manicure I wanted to do, but I made a big mess on my index and middlefinger, so the only way to fix that was to cover the entire nail with glitter. Glitter fixes everything.

Products used;
Glitter: Golden Rose Jolly Jewel 112
Dark purple: Nicole by OPI "I'm a Pool for Love"
Metallic lilac: China Glaze "Harmony"
Stripes made with SmART Nails stencils
Stamping plate: Born Pretty Store "Vintage Damask"

To be honest, I absolutely hated Nicole by OPI "I'm a Pool for Love". It rarely happens that I really don't like a polish, but this goes directly to my never-use-this-polish-ever-again-drawer. Just awful. I didn't like the application (serious bald spots that were not easy to cover up) and on the nail it just lokked 'meh'.

More nailart by other creative ladies:


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Thank you so much for watching.
Have an amazing day!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

My first attempt using nail foil

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So this weeks prompt is 'flowers' and 'light blue'. I use this challenge to inspire me to do new things (or just to pick a color, as I'm usually clueless about what to wear on my nails). I might do the flowers later this week, but for now the 'light blue' inspired me to try out the nail foils I ordered a while ago.

My boyfriends reaction when I showed him the pictures: "Is it supposed to look like that???"
LOL! Yes dear, it is supposed to be this random and I did not mean to cover the entire nail.

Products used:
- Hema light blue nr 83 (perfect coverage in 2 easy coats)
- nailfoil

I looked at a few Youtube tutorials about how to use the foil without using glue and it looked fairly easy, so I just gave it a go. It was indeed easy and alot of fun so be prepared to see more nailfoils around here!!!! (I have 5 more unused foils left)

You just paint your nails, wait a few minutes until the polish is dry, but a little tacky, then you put the foil an your nail and rub on it until it transfers on your nail.
I found this tutorial by The nail Polish Challenge very helpful.

I didn't try to cover the entire nail because I wanted the light blue base to be visible. But I guess if you really want to, you can reapply the foil a few times for a better coverage.
with topcoat
The tutorial said you shouldn't apply topcoat over the foil as it reduces the shine. After taking the first pictures I decided to apply some topcoat to see the result. Nothing bad happened as you can see on the picture above.

If you want to see more manicures with the theme 'Light blue' or 'Flowers', please check out the awesome ladies below: 

Thank you so much for watching
Have a great day!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

Three shades of green with Misa Toxic Seduction

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Green and teal are my favorite nail polish colors and I have a drawer full of these, so this weeks challenge should have been a piece of cake. It wasn't.
I couldn't decide on the colors and I couldn't decide on the nail art I wanted to attempt. In the end I'm not satisfied with the endresult. I do like the stripes, but the colors just don't work well together.

Products used:
Dark green shimmer: Misa "Toxic seduction"
Metallic green: Anny "Hello Hollywood"
Grass green foil: Zoya "Ivanka"
Striping tape

I really like each of these polishes seperately, in fact I wore Anny "Hello Hollywood" this weekend on her own (but couldn't take pictures, sorry).

On the first picture you see the mani mattefied, on the picture above you see the mani glossy. I prefer this one mattefied, it makes the stripes stand out more.

And this is Misa 'Toxic Seduction" on her own, this is an oldie but goodie! Look at that glowy subtle shimmer and the classy dark green color with the slightest hint of blue in it, perfect dark green polish.
Also this has the classic Misa perfect formula: could be a onecoater if you like to use a thicker coat. I always prefer two thin coats.

If you like to see the other "3 shades of green" manicures of bloggers way more creative than I am, check the links below:


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Thank you so much for watching and have an amazing Sunday!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

Hema Matt 823

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My absolute favorite Dutch warehouse Hema also sells my favorite affordable make-up. Hema nail polish almost always has great coverage, pigmentation and weartime. They usually have lovely small seasonal collections of face make-up and nailpolish, one of the collections that is now available is called Dramatic Rock and this matte purple is one of the nailpolishes from this collections.

It certainly is a matte polish, but it's not chalky matt, more like a satin finish. I prefer the satin finish over the matte beacause of the softer look, so I'm really happy with this one! 
Two creamy coats were enough to get a perfect manicure. 

A few weeks ago I also did a little nailart with this polish. If you haven't seen that post, this is what I did: matte purple with shiney metallic silver stripes.
I absolutely love this polish, so if you are in Holland, check out your local Hema for this one!

Thank you so much for watching!

Love, Inge (PolishSis)

OPI 'Amazon...Amazoff' with added holo goodness.

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This is what I wore last weekend. I like to use the 52 week challenge as inspiration for my manicures and this weeks prompt was 'Holo' (of 'Film', but that sounded like way too much work). The challenge helps me to come up with something a little bit more creative and step out of my comfortzone.

I started with painting al my nails with the green OPI 'Amazon...Amazoff'. I really love this polish!. The intention was to stamp with a silver holo over the green, but I failed miserably at the stamping so I removed the green from two fingers and just painted them with silver holo and added a design with 'Amazon...Amazoff' over the silver holo. On the green nails I placed small round holographic glitters to add a little more holo.

Products used:
- Green: OPI 'Amazon...Amazoff' 
   This is almost a onecoater, a dream to apply, it has an almost invisible shimmer that gives a soft          glow to the polish. Only bad thing: she stains like a b*tch, but I love her anyway.
- Silver holo: Nfu Oh 61
- Silver glitter
- Nailstencil by smART Nails

Thank you very much for watching.
I'm off to bed now with my BFF called Netflix.
I'm watching season 3 of The Killing, the name is appropriate: the suspense and drama is killing me!!!!

While I'm watching netflix, you can watch the other girls who did something holo today:


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Love, Inge (Polishsis)

What I wore for Christmas

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It's been 2 weeks since Christmas, maybe a bit too late to post these, but I liked them so much!

Products used:
Black: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro "Black Satin"
Shredded glitter: OPI "Gaining Mole-mentum"
Snowflake-like design: Konad M69
Christmastree: smART Nails stencil

This picture is taken with flash, I have the worst camera EVER and this was the only way I could show you how amazing 'Gaining Mole-mentum' is. Tit's a shredded glitter is gold and rosegold. So unique! I loved it from the first stroke! You have to do a little bit of glitterplacement, but not much.

This is a bitch to remove by the way, foil method does not work on this one, so even after the foil method, you are scrubbing like crazy to get them off,

And a picture with my sparkly tights on the background. I wanted my nails to be festive and christmassy, but not with too much color, this worked out really well in my opinion.

This was my full outfit: black and emerald dress, sparkly tights, dark grey boots (because I really didn't want to wear my black pumps, they hurt my feet). Hair pulled back with a few loose curls.

I hope you all started your new year well and I hope your year will get better and better and better.

Thank you so much for watching.
Lots of love,

Inge (PolishSis)

Orly - 'Saturated' with neon dots.

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So how are you liking the new look here on my blog? Doesn't it look clean and fresh? No more clutter, the colors are lighter, new is still a work in progress ofcourse, but I'm already liking this fresh new start of 2015.

I'm also picking up on the 52 week challenge from The Crumpet with my 'Dotting tools' manicure, 'Dotting tools' being one of the possible challenges this week.
You could also choose 'pink and aqua' for this week, but that combination of colors sounds like Barbies dreamhouse to me (and I really dislike that girl).

That gorgeous deep dark neon purple is Orly 'Saturated', I love love love this color. Unfortunately, my camera does not love this color, but I managed to get a somewhat accurate picture of the color anyway.

Application: 2 / 3 coats, depending on how thick you paint your layers. I did 3 thin coats, because with 2 thin coats I had some nails that weren't completely opaque.
The polish dries a bit matte, but not matte enough, so a topcoat (matte or glossy) is recommended!

I used the dotting tool to make three white dots on each nail, and after that I dotted neon polish over the white dots.

If you like to see how other girls are swinging their dotting tools this week, check the links below:


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PolishSis Blog under construction

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Happy New Year everybody!
So my New Years resolution is to improve my blog, I've been blogging for 5 years and the old format is just...well.. OLD.
Out with the old, in with the new!

I'm starting with the visual improvements and downloaded a new template, but I'm a total n00b, so it might get weird around here sometimes ;-)
Be patient with me, it will get better, I promise (I just have to figure out how!)

Merry Christmas from Polishsis

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Everybody have a wonderful Christmas with your friends, family, loved ones, dogs, cats, Netflix, bottle of wine, whatever is your perfect Christmas!

We are celebrating this Christmas with family. First day of Christmas we have a fancy catered dinner at his family and on the second day of Christmas we will have a homecooked dinner with my family.

At this moment, Christmas Eve I'm doing my nails in my joggingpants, nothing fancy yet. 
My love did prepare a wonderful dinner with pork roast, hot cinnamon apples with cranberries and baked potatoes, mjum!!!

For these nails I used smART Nails nailstencils to add the designs. You can read all about these in my previous posts.

Although I really liked this manicure, I am still doing a new manicure for Christmas. I wanted something a little more classy to match my outfit, So now I'm doing something black and gold..or silver, it's not finished yet :-)

I love the pinky nail best, with the silver ribbon over the red stripes. My pinkynails looks giftwrapped!

Thank you all for watching!
Enjoy your Holidays :-)

Lots of love, Inge (PolishSis)

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